welding engineer

Our client from UEA is seeking qualified welding engineer. The
detail requirement as follow:

The ideal candidate should be having a degree or diploma in
engineering and an additional qualification from the American
Welding Society’s CWI or CSWIP 3.1. ASME material knowledge is a
definite prerequisite for the above position. Good knowledge of MS
office packages and communication skills is an added advantage. A
minimum of three years experience is mandatory.
Preference will be given to candidates with knowledge of ISO
procedures. the candidate should have leadership skills and be able
to move to a supervisory role in less than a years time.

The salary for the above position is a gros salary of AED
15,000/month plus other usual benefits and indicated earlier.

The resume can be submitted to : recruitment@ frhbindonesia. com not
later than 2 weeks from now.

R. Ari Hidayat
PT. Falah Rima Hudaity Bersaudara
Jl. Pemuda No 10 Kav 79 Jakarta 13220
Tel. + 62 21 4703140 Fax. + 62 21 47882280
E-mail : recruitment@ frhbindonesia. com
Website : http://www.frhbindonesia. com


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