Semiconductor Characterisation Process Engineer

Cosiatec Solutions exudes dynamism in providing software
consultancy, human capital solutions, executive search services
and professional recruitment solutions serving the fast growing
specialized segments of information technology, semiconductor,
microelectronics, biomedical, banking & financial institutions
in Asia Pacific

Our client is currently looking for a Semiconductor Characterisation Process Engineer to be responsible for providing electrical testing to support technology development.

The role will involve test program development, electrical testing, failure analysis and understanding device physics.

Required attributes include the following,

· Strong semiconductor test and failure analysis skills
· Knowledge of the semiconductor manufacturing environment
· Failure analysis and device knowledge
· SPICE knowledge and experience
· Bachelors Degree in Physics, Electronics or equivalent

Interested: Please send your detailed resume along with the following information

Latest Salary, Expected salary, Notice Period to resumes@cosiatec. com

CosiaTec maintains a strict confidentiality policy on all personal data submitted by all candidates and is committed to the protection of their personal information. CosiaTec will not release such information to anyone without the prior consent of the candidates

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