Job Vacancies at PT KPSI Balikpapan

PT Kalimantan Prima Services Indonesia (KPSI) is an international
services company for the resources sector, plant engineering, civil
construction, transportation, and earthworks to serve clients in
fiber plantation and chip, pulp, and paper industry. We are equal
opportunity employer that committed to recruit, develop, and retain
the best talents. Our people are some of the best in the similar type
of business with considerable competencies and extensive experience
across all areas of our operations. Due to rapid business expansion,
currently we are seeking for the highly motivated professionals to
strengthen our team in the following position:

Must be specialist in Mixed Hard Wood harvesting; 15 years experience
in similar activities with minimum 5 years at the same level;
knowledgeable in safe-productive operation/scaling/ and HE machinery
as well; strong leadership and determination; strong network to
local’s stake holders; good player among company target and local
interest; come from North Kalimantan will become ideal for this
position; SLTA or Diploma graduated.

Must have extensive experience in Log/MHW or acacia hauling; 10 years
experience in similar activities with minimum 3 years at the same
level; familiar with operations of fleet i.e. Logging Truck from
different brand name machinery; knowledgeable in fleet utilization to
reach high production and managing strictly fuel consumption and time
effective focus; strong leadership, especially in dealing with
drivers and transport crews; SLTA or Diploma graduated.

Must be able to plan, organize, and control harvesting activities of
acacia and or MHW which consist of compartment alignment, pre-
debarking, debarking, felling, and stacking; review and develop
performance of harvesting contractors and supporting units; manage
large numbers of harvesting manual crews and HE in remote area; 10
years experience in similar activities with minimum 2 years at the
same level; strong leadership; SLTA or Diploma graduated.

Must be able to plan, organize, and control plantation activities,
include estimating the quantity of acacia seed based on scale of the
ready planted land; supervise plantation crews; and manage plantation
contractors; 10 years experience in similar activities with minimum 2
years at the same level; strong leadership; Diploma or Bachelor

Must be able to organize and control all of manpower (foremen, heavy
equipment operators, etc.) and work-equipment under his/her team on
road (as well as culvert, bridge, jetty, etc.) construction /
maintenance activities so can in line with the established schedule,
quality, and budget and achieve the optimum productivity. Senior High
School or Diploma graduated in Civil Engineering with minimum 7 years
experience in similar activities and 1 year at the same level;
skilled on AutoCAD; strong leadership skill.

Must be able to provide English and Bahasa training in order to
enhance the level of communication within workplace, include define
the level of course needed by operational department, prepare
training materials, conduct training, evaluate and report training;
Bachelor in English Literature with minimum 2 years experience as
English lecturer/instructor ; knowledgeable in training principles and

Must be able to develop material of HE (excavator, bulldozer, motor
grader, skidder, backhoe loader, compactor, etc.) operation training;
identify training need of existing HE operators; contribute in
reducing number of HE accident; involve in recruitment process of HE
operators; responsible in SIMPERing (Surat Izin Mengemudi Perusahaan)
for HE operators; SLTA graduated with minimum 5 years experience in
similar post; skilled in operating various HE; knowledgeable in
training principles and concepts.

Must be able to operate ship loading facility and coordinate the
positioning of ship to be loaded; assist DCS operator in chipping and
screening operation when no ship loading; SLTA graduated with minimum
1 year experience in ship loading operation and DCS/PLC operation;
able to work long hours and under pressure; knowledgeable in chip
loading equipment.

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: Computer literate and excellent in English and
Bahasa; strong conceptual and analytical thinking; innovative and
prepared to share knowledge; strong leadership and determination;
high work-motivation and excellent teamwork skills; communicative and
proactive; high orientation on cost-effectiveness, quality,
timescale, and safety; high professional- integrity; willing to travel
and or relocate in remote area.

Submit your application letter, comprehensive CV with recent
photograph, and related certification before 31st May 2008 to HRD
Department of PT KPSI: recruitment@ kalimantan- – or – PO BOX
570 East Kalimantan 76114. Please put the position code on e-mail
subject or top right of the envelope and quote your salary
expectation in your application letter. Only short listed candidate
will be invited for test and or interview.


7 responses to “Job Vacancies at PT KPSI Balikpapan

  1. Kepada Yth,
    HRD Manager

    Dengan hormat,

    Bersama ini saya sampaikan permohonan lamaran pekerjaan ke perusahaan bapak/ibu, saya alumni Teknik sipil tahun 2000 Universitas “45” Makassar, dan sudilah kiranya bapak/ibu mempertimbangkan dan memberikan kesempatan kerja buat saya sesuai disiplin ilmu yang peroleh
    Demikian penyampain saya atas perkenan dan bantuan bapak/ibu diucapkan terima kasih.



  2. Balik Papan 07 Agustus 2008

    Kepada Yth,
    HRD Manager
    PT.KPSI Balik Papan

    Dengan hormat,

    Bersama ini saya sampaikan permohonan lamaran pekerjaan ke perusahaan bapak/ibu

    Saya seorang laki-laki,umur 27 tahun,pendidikan Diploma alumni Teknik Elektronika tahun 2005 dari ATII Medan,memohon agar sudi kiranya bapak/ibu mempertimbangkan dan memberikan kesempatan kerja buat saya sesuai disiplin ilmu yang peroleh

    Demikian surat ini saya perbuat dan atas bantuan bapak/ibu saya mengucapkan terima kasih.


    Manotas Banjarnahor
    HP 081253212321

  3. Pangkalan Kerinci 15 September 2008

    Kepada Yth,
    HRD Department
    PT.KPSI Balik Papan

    Dengan hormat,

    Bersama ini saya sampaikan permohonan lamaran pekerjaan ke perusahaan yang Bapak/Ibu pimpin

    Saya seorang laki-laki, umur 21 tahun, pendidikan STM Elektro tahun 2004 dari STM HKBP tarutung dan pernah bekerja di :
    1. PT.KEMBAR MANDIRI ABADI dari 08 Mei 2006-24 Januari 2008 sebagai ELECTRIC MAINTENANCE di Dumai Fiber.
    2. PT.PEC-Tech Services Indonesia Dumai/PT.SENTOSATAMA INDAH ABADI dari 28 Januari 2008-5 Juni 2008dengan posisi ELECTRICAL fOREMAN.

    Demikian surat ini saya perbuat, saya ucapkan terima kasih.


    Roni Rudianto Panjaitan

  4. Dear Sirs,

    I would like to be considered for a position available in your company. I am 35 years old with 2 children, 12 years experiences in Oil and gas industry. 5 years experience in sales administration, training coordinator and Logistic in Riau province and 7 years experience in tool dresser, workshop supervision and branch office manager in Balikpapan East kalimantan.

    It would be glad for me if I could be asked for personnal interview at anytime in Balikpapan or Kalimantan surrounding.

    Sincerely yours,

    Yusup. JU

  5. Kepada Yth,
    HRD Departement PT. KPSI Balikpapan

    Dengan hormat,
    saya ingin mengetahui informasi lowongan kerja terbaru di PT. KPSI Balikpapan. apakah saat ini di perusahaan yang Bapak/Ibu pimpin membutuhkan tenaga kerja di bidang IT?

    adapun kualifikasi yang dapat saya tawarkan, sbb:
    1. laki-laki berusia 36 tahun,
    2. pengalaman kerja 9 tahun di bidang IT,
    3. lulusan S1 Universitas Padjajaran (UNPAD) Bandung,,
    4. aktif dan pasif dalam menggunakan bahasa inggris.

    mohon agar kualifikasi saya ini dapat dipertimbangkan karena saya berharap dapat bergabung di perusahaan yang Bapak/Ibu pimpin.

    Atas perhatian Bapak/Ibu, saya ucapkan terima kasih.


    AGUS, M

  6. Dear Admin,

    Kami hendak menginformasikan kebutuhan kebutuhan kerja kami secara gratis ke website ini (feeds)..olong informasikan alamat email admin untuk penyebaran informasinya,


  7. Cilegon, 22 Agustus2010
    Kepada Yth.
    PT.Kalimantan Prima Services Indonesia
    Dengan hormat
    Sehubungan dengan informasi yang saya peroleh dari media cetak, bahwa perusahaan yang bapak/ Ibu pimpinan sedang membutuhkan tenaga kerja, maka dengan ini saya mengajukan surat lamaran kerja.
    Saya yang bernama Arfat Hidayat, Usia 18 tahun, Lulusan Sekolah Menengah Atas (Program IPA), Pernah bekerja di Salah satu perusahaan yang berbidang sandblasting, Coating, Painting & Scafolder, dan saya mempunya keterampilan menjalankan Microsoft Office dengan baik.
    Demikianlah surat lamaran kerja ini saya buat dengan sebenarnya. Mudah – mudahan saya bias Atas perhatian dan kerjasamanya saya ucapkan terima kasih.
    Hormat saya
    Arfat Hidayat



    Name :Arfat Hidayat

    Place & Date of Brith :Serang, 04 Jan 1992

    Address :Kamurang Rt 05/01 Ds. Kosambironyok
    Kec. Anyer. Serang – Banten

    Status :Singgle

    Nationality :Indonesia

    Education ::Junior School (SMU)

    Phone : 0878 1071 0099 or 0813 1423 4752

    Email /


    1 PT. Citrabara Binamandiri

    Position :Helper
    Project :Bare Pipe Three Layer
    Painting Service
    Location :PT. Vico Muara Badak
    Period :01/07/2009 – 31/11/2009

    2 PT . Citrabara Binamandiri

    Position :Blaster II
    Location :PT. Indominco (Bontang)
    Period :01/12/2009 – 01/01/2010

    3 PT . Citrabara Binamandiri

    Posisition :Blaster I
    Project :Coating Water Tank
    Location : PT. Kaltim Prima Coal
    Period :05/01/2010 – 15/02/2010

    4 PT . Citrabara Binamandiri

    Position :Blaster
    Project :Tiang Pancang Coating
    Location :PT. Singlurus Pratama
    Period :20/02/2010

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