URGENTLY REQUIRED : Big Project in OIL & GAS ( Piping )


We are representing EPC contractor who will soon developed a big project in
OIL & GAS ( Piping )

is required a number of professional engineer to kick off its EPC project in
the above location :


1. Project Manager (1) ea: D3 with minimum 8 yrs experiences in Oil & Gas,
or S1 >5 yrs experience

2. Project Planner (1 ea): SMA with min yrs in Oil &as experience

3. Project Superintendent (1 ea) : S1/D3 with at least 5 yrs in Oil &Gas


1. Technician Instrumentation & Fitters (3 ea) : STM w/ minimum 2 yrs in
Oil & Gas

2. Electrician (2 ea) : STM w/ 2 yrs experience , having professional

3. Mechanical (4 ea): STM, 2 yrs experience, having professional

4. Helper (3 ea): STM/SMA 1 yrs experience in Oil & Gas

5. Scaffolder (2 ea): Mini STM w/ Scaffolding certificates level 1 and level
2 Depnaker

6. Gas Tester (2 ea): Gas Testing Certificates Level1 and level 2


1. Ultrasonic Inspector (2 ea): STM/SMA Ultrasonic ASNT Level 2 Migas/or

2. Welding Inspector (2 ea): SMA/STM Welding inspector certificates Migas,
ASNT level 2 in ultrasonic & Radiography

3. QC Inspector (2 ea): STM/SMA Welding Inspector certificates Migas, ASNT
level 2,

4. Corrosion Inspector (1 ea): ST</SMA Ultrasonic level 2

5. Corrosion Superintendent (1 ea ): S1 in Engineering, ASNT level2 in
Ultrasonic, Radiograph, Particle examination- Migas


6. Crane Inspector (1): SMA/STM w/ crane inspector certificates- Depnaker

7. Forklift Operator (2): Forklift operator certificates- Depnaker

8. Crane Operator (2): Certified crane operator, Clas 1, 2, 3 -Migas or

9. Welder( 4 ea): Welding certificates class 1, 2-Migas

10. Pipe Fitters (2): fitter certificates

11. Radio Operator & Rigger (2): Communication certificates, CAVIS and AVIS

12. Scaffolder (8 EA2o: Scaffolding certificates

13. Safety Reps: Safety Training PENLAT-c, First aid training

14. Painting Supervisor (2): Painting Certificates Indocor

15. HES Secretary (1): Depnaker certificates

A highly competitive remuneration package will be offered to attract
top caliber applicants. Please send your CV to:

Should you interest with the above challenge, please send your detail resume
indicating CODE of position as your email subject and send your application
to :

premium.job@ premconst. com <mailto:premium.job@ premconst. com>


One response to “URGENTLY REQUIRED : Big Project in OIL & GAS ( Piping )

  1. I have 30years experience in oil & gas projects in Europe, Middle East, Far East, Africa, India. Handled large value EPc contracts.
    I did my doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from USA.

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